What really matters in social care to individuals in Wales?

This is the title of a new report on an initiative funded by the Welsh Government called “Measuring the mountain” and it reports on the findings of a Citizens’ Jury held in September 2018 that allowed people to explore the question “What really matters in social care to individuals in Wales?”. 

I took an interest in this project as part of my own review of local health and care services in this constituency last year and I am pleased to see the findings of their work start to emerge.

The report which you can find below contains 15 recommendations from the Citizens’ Jury. This type of work is very valuable in bringing informed and personal knowledge in to the policy making process. I hope and expect that the report will come to the Assembly Health committee for discussion. It would also be good to hear about the experience of those who appeared as witnesses to give evidence to this Jury.

The findings are challenging including:

“it seems the statutory services think public expectations are unrealistic compared to their concerns. I hope they give up a little of their power to work for the public good. That they reflect on what a public service is, what is a social service? Who do they actually serve?”.

“For true personal outcomes to be achieved in line with the Act there needs to be better alignment between processes and legislation – increased freedom to focus on the individual and their choices”.

The Jury also make recommendations about embracing technology which, I believe, has to be a big part in the next stage of adapting services to users needs.


This is a really interesting piece of work and worth our attention. There is further reporting to appear but well done to all involved on this report.

MtM Citizens’ Jury Report

MyM Adroddiad Rheithgor Dinasyddion

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