Votes at 16 and 17 – Royal Assent imminent

Thanks to the Assembly Research Service for posting this story:


“It is expected that the Senedd and Elections (Wales) Bill will receive Royal Assent this week.

The Bill:

  • changes the name of the Assembly to “Senedd Cymru” in Welsh and “Welsh Parliament” in English, and makes consequential changes to relevant names, titles and descriptors;
  • enables 16 and 17 year olds and also foreign nationals to vote in Assembly elections and makes associated changes to electoral registration arrangements;
  • makes the Electoral Commission accountable to the Assembly for the work that it does in relation to devolved Welsh elections and referendums;
  • changes the rules on disqualification from being an Assembly Member;
  • extends the deadline for the first meeting of the Assembly after an election; and
  • clarifies the Assembly Commission’s powers to charge for goods and services”.
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