The success of Bike Park Wales

As part of the work around the local economy and jobs it was good to meet with Rowan at Bike Park Wales today. It was opportunity to discuss the growing success of this great attraction. It is local to us in Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney but puts us on the national activity and tourism map.

Over a few short years the hard work of the team at Bike Park Wales has seen the site established as the best mountain bike facility in the UK. People travel long distances to use the site and as a result there have been benefits for other businesses in the area who provide accommodation and refreshments.

The site is unique in offering a service that provides lifts to people to the top of the hill and maximises the time for fun and adrenaline filled rides. You can read more on their website here:;

But not wanting to sound like an advert for the site – what did I learn?

Well some key messages were that this is a business with plans for growth and development. Good news for the local economy.

Their business has been successful in combining their core activities with the local environment, which is also the key to their future growth. But that can take time as there are important environmental standards to meet. Hopefully this will all come together in the near future and the business can expand and contribute even more to the economy of our valleys – building the local economy and jobs.

So a good news story and Rowan had praise for the support from the economy team in Merthyr Council, the Welsh Government and their relationship with the landlords of the site, Natural Resources Wales.

I look forwards to returning soon and enjoying more of the great catering and fun available at Bike Park Wales.

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