Storm and flooding update

On Saturday morning Gerald Jones MP and I met with a group of local Labour councillors to begin our initial assessment of recent storm and flood events across the constituency. The impacts have been serious for several local communities, and it is apparent that there has been a significant impact on infrastructure across the area (roads, bridges, gullies, drains etc).

We thank both local authorities for the initial reports given to us on the areas most affected, and also note that other pockets of localised flooding occurred in the constituency. We have both visited a number of the areas affected by the storm events and will continue to do so with councillors, and upon any request we receive via our offices.


We both wanted to place on record our sincere thanks to the wide range of front line workers, emergency workers, volunteers, businesses and so many other people across our community who offered help during the storm and flood events. Thanks also to those coordinating the response. Everyone’s efforts are greatly appreciated, as they still are given the recovery process has some way to go.

We can write to organisations offering thanks to their staff , but to the many others who we will not always know about, please be aware that your kindness and response to the crisis is appreciated.


The initial view we have reached with our Labour councillors is that a number of factors came together at the height of the severe storm, and we need to better understand the role each of these factors played.

Yes the rivers were high, at record levels for recent decades, but some of the local damage did not come from the river flooding but gullies and drains etc with consequent overflows of water. There are also the issues around local land slips that must be better understood as part of the review and assessment.

We will also be making direct contact with constituents to invite their view on these matters.


Parts of the constituency have clearly suffered significant  physical damage with roads closed / partial closure and large volumes of waste debris requiring removal. Bridges and other structures need assessment and we await updates from local authority partners and others.


The recovery will take some time. It may involve some significant engineering work and associated disruption, depending on the extent of the final damage.

The local councils and Welsh Government have made some emergency funding available to be paid to help both insured and uninsured householders. While businesses do not seem as badly affected here as in say, Pontypriddd, we well know that the final details of the full impacts are yet to be known. We invite local businesses to make contact with us about any specific concerns as we know that each and every business needs the same consideration.


The weather forecast suggests that the winter storms are not yet fully passed so remember the advice to follow advice, and keep safe if a serious incident occurs. With weakened and broken infrastructure then extra caution is required.


We have pulled much of the recent advice together into one document – it contains website details, phone numbers etc should you be affected by storm incidents.



Do not hesitate to get in touch via our offices if you feel we can help.

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