Safer Homes Wales

Personal experience tells me about the importance of electrical safety in the home. So I was pleased to support Electrical Safety First and the Safer Homes Wales campaign.

As they say “More than half of accidental house fires in Wales are caused by electricity. This report finds that older people in Wales are disproportionately at risk of an electrical fire in their homes. The number of people aged 80 or more is expected to double by 2035 with an estimated 50,000 people aged 65+ living with dementia, which presents its own challenges when it comes to electrical safety. There is a clear need for action to be taken to make sure that this ageing population is able to live in homes that are electrically safe.

The majority of older people in Wales – about 80% – own their own homes, most of which will be older housing stock that has never have had an electrical safety check. Older people are likely to use older electrical appliances and rely on electric heaters and blankets, particularly in the winter, without having any fire safety equipment at home.

Many older people understandably want to live independently in their own homes for as long as possible, but this puts the responsibility on individuals to ensure that their homes are safe. Concerns about the cost of repairs and a lack of awareness of the risks can lead to owner-occupiers living in homes with major safety hazards”.

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