People in residential care to keep more of their money

Dawn Bowden AM has welcomed an increase in the  amount of money people in Wales can keep when in residential care. The amount will increase from £40,000 to £50,000 from April 2019.

At the last Assembly elections (2016) I, and my Welsh Labour colleagues, pledged to increase the amount of money kept  (capital limit) from 24k to 50k.  This increase means that the pledge has now been met.

Dawn said “I welcome this announcement that is about Welsh Labour delivering on our promise to the people of Wales.”

“I know people are worried about the costs of care and the thought of having to use their life savings or selling their homes to pay for care.

“Welsh Labour has always stood up for older people in Wales. That why we promised to more than double the capital people can keep when in residential care – freeing up more of people’s money for them to use as they wish”.

From April 2017 the limit was raised to £30,000, supported by an additional £4.5 million per annum being added to the Revenue Support Grant (RSG) to enable local authorities’ implementation of this. From this April the limit was increased further to £40,000 with an additional £7 million per annum being added to the RSG to make funding of £11.5 million per annum in total.

The success of this policy can be seen through the direct impact it is having on care home residents in Wales. Over the eighteen months since we introduced the first increase, around 1,500 care home residents have benefited which is a significant achievement in a relatively short timeframe.


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