National Grid update

Thanks to the National Grid for their latest update on the major investment in renewing lines across the area. You can read more below about a last round of road closures to complete the work this Autumn:


“It’s been a busy summer for us so far, and it’s just about to get busier as we start the final round of overhead line refurbishment.

Anyone who’s been following our progress over the last year knows that we’re working on a big project. We’re investing £50 million across the line to keep energy flowing and the lights on in homes across South Wales. We understand that there’s been some disruption to residents’ schedules, and we’re grateful for your understanding and patience and ask you to bear with us for just a short time more.

We’re starting the final phase of our work, making our way back up the line.

We’ll need to close certain roads and footpaths so that we can install new wire while maintaining a safe area for both our workforce and the public.

Three road closures are taking place in August, with another 11 scheduled over September and October. Most of the closures will be at the same locations as earlier in the year.

This may seem like a lot, but the line extends for over 75km and includes 238 towers, the majority of which don’t need road closures in place.

Those residents and businesses likely to be affected by the road closures will be written to directly, and we’ll also be keeping local ward members and community councils informed. Where we’ve previously spoken to specific residents or businesses around particularly difficult issues, we’re making sure to speak to them in advance of the road closures.

The locations and anticipated dates of the next few road closures are available on our website, with the details of the remaining closures coming soon”.

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