My “End of Term” report

This week we had the final full meeting of our National Assembly until September. The next few weeks are called the Summer Recess and this means I have little need to be in Cardiff Bay and therefore more time for constituency visits. I really appreciate the opportunity to catch up with local projects and to hear about successes, new opportunities and any problems that need to be addressed.

I have prepared an “End of Term” report which looks at some of the big issues we faced this term and reports progress on a number of local projects.

You can read a copy here.

End of Term Report July 20199

As the report states my best wishes go to everyone who is making the transition from primary to secondary schools, to those who are moving in to Merthyr college or similar establishments or preparing for University. If you are taking up an apprenticeship, or entering the world of work, my best wishes to you all. Pob lwc pawb.

Fingers crossed for some nice weather and enjoyable holidays.

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