Ending Sex for Rent

“Offering accomodation in return for sex is illegal and those who do it can face up to seven years in prison”.

Today I will join Housing Women Cymru and other partners as they launch a new phase of the campaign to end sex for rent. This is an issue I have campaigned upon since soon after my election to the National Assembly for Wales and I remain determined that we should expose those who seek to exploit people in this way, and offer support for those people needing our help. In Westminster last week we once again had a statement about the law in relation to this issue but we must work harder to expose those people who often use the internet

Shocking figures from Shelter Cymru suggest that 3% of women private tenants and 2% of male private tenants in Wales have been offered sex for rent by a landlord within the last five years. This suggests there could be 6,900 women and 4,600 men who have been offered sex for rent in Wales in the last five years.

It took some brave reporters from the “Ein Byd” TV programme to bring the nature of this exploitation on to the TV screens in our living rooms. That programme was sickening to watch as men outlined to a young woman (an undercover journalist) their sexual expectations in return for free accomodation.

You can join this campaign and show your support using the hashtags:



Too many people struggle due to the pressure on housing accommodation. We bear a responsibility to help keep them safe.

Join this campaign – play your part and let us help to #EndSexforRent

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