Draft Budget presented

Mark Drakeford AM the Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Local Government has just outlined the Welsh Government’s Draft Budget for 2018-19, saying it is “a budget crafted in the 8th and 9th years of austerity, and under the shadow of further cuts to come”.

The Draft Budget also includes “a budget report from the Chief Economist for Wales about future public finances and our economic prospects”.

Dawn Bowden said “Today’s announcement sets out the major building blocks of the Budget, where the money comes from and how it will be allocated to the different governmental departments”.

Amongst the key elements of the draft budget announced today are:

  • An additional £450m over two years for NHS Wales,
  • An extra £16m in each of the next two years for the new treatment fund,
  • An additional £90m for the NHS Wales capital programme over three years,
  • Protecting frontline school budgets and social care,
  • an extra £12m over two years for homelessness, through the RSG,
  • Over £70m over two years to expand our flagship childcare offer,
  • an additional £14.9 capital over three years to support the regeneration of community facilities,
  • £220m over two years to create 100,00 all-age apprenticeships this Assembly term,
  • Investing over £50.5m to raise school standards over two years,
  • Investing £40m over two years to accelerate the 21st Century Schools programme,
  • An extra £7.5m capital 2018-19 for targeted flood prevention.

More details here: [embeddoc url=”https://www.dawnbowdenam.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Outline-draft-Budget-Narrative-Final-full-version-e-1.pdf” viewer=”google”]