Dawn Bowden welcome news on extra funding for period poverty

Dawn Bowden AM is delighted to welcome the news that the Welsh Government are providing extra money to local councils to help tackle the issues around period poverty.

The Leader of the House Julie James AM today announced:

“It is unacceptable that some women and girls in Wales cannot afford to buy essential feminine hygiene products when they need them. I am committed to doing everything I can to tackle this inequality.  

As part of the of the gender and equality rapid review which the First Minister has asked me to lead, he has asked us to work with local government to create a national, sustainable response to period poverty. This announcement is the first step towards achieving that goal. 

Yesterday, I wrote to local authorities offering them a package of funding to help deliver the change that is needed. 

Local authorities will receive £440,000 over the next two years to tackle period poverty in their communities where levels of deprivation are highest by providing feminine hygiene products to those women and girls most in need.  

Additionally £700,000 of capital funding will be available to improve facilities and equipment in schools, ensuring that all girls and young women can access good sanitary facilities when they need them. 

Local authorities are best placed to know where to target effective action for tackling period poverty in their communities, which is why we are asking them to use their knowledge to identify and help those who need it the most”.

Dawn Bowden said “We know that in Merthyr Tydfil CBC the Labour Group led the way in raising this issue for debate. With this promise of extra funding from the Welsh Government we can now make progress that will benefit girls and young women across the community”.






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