Concessionary fare pass scheme – an update

I understand that some local social media may be making misleading statements about the Welsh Government’s concessionary fare pass scheme. The situation is as follows:
1. The current Concessionary Travel Cards all have a common expiry date of 31/12/19 and need to be replaced. This means ALL current eligible pass holders will need to re-apply and receive a new smartcard.
2. Existing cardholders will NOT automatically receive a new card they will need to apply using a new online central service provided by Transport for Wales on behalf of local authorities (there will be local arrangements for those unable to access the online service).
3. New applicants will now start receiving the new smartcard, but significant work will take place between September and December this year to help existing cardholders switch to the new smartcard.
4. The new smartcard will be future proofed and compatible with future enhancements such as public transport integration (as that becomes possible).
There was a separate consultation about Improving “Public Transport in Wales” between December 2018 and March 2019. That made proposals about aligning ages for concessionary passes, but also stated “No current pass holder will have their eligibility removed and passholders will remain able to travel free of charge anywhere in Wales”.
The Welsh Government has not yet issued their response to that consultation which aslso covered many other important issues.
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