Committee report on rough sleeping

Dawn Bowden AM said “I am a member of the Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee which has today published our follow up report on Rough sleeping – mental health and substance misuse services. The Welsh Government has taken a number of important initiatives to invest in services to help tackle homelessness and seek to intervene in the fight against homelessness. I see these very problems on a regular basis in my constituency office and gave an example in a website piece here yesterday”.

For those who want to read the Committee’s report you can find it here

Our Committee report is sobering reading about the continuing nature of the challenges we face. The evidence we received was frank and honest and reflects the previous advice of the Homelessness Action Group that Wales “faces a rough sleeping emergency”. The Committee believes we still have more to achieve integrated services, and where good work is found it is not shared quickly enough. The evidence we heard included a cultural change for organisations and more effort to break down barriers amongst organisations providing interventions. As the Action Group noted it is “everybody’s problem but nobody’s responsibility”.

The Committee also heard evidence about the opportunity in Wales to deliver more integrated services.

I look forwards to further discussion with Welsh Ministers as they respond to this report.

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