“Challenges” for local health and care services – join the conversation

Today I publish the second paper in my current project discussing “your local health and care services”. The paper thinks about the “Challenges” facing us all going forwards. You can find a copy here:

Challenge paper

Though we have happily celebrated 70 great years of our NHS this paper poses a number of questions about how we maintain our services in to the future. The list is not exhaustive but I hope it stimulates discussion.

(Dawn on a previous visit to a local pharmacy with Community Pharmacy Wales)

The questions fall in to eight sections:

  • Personal and community wellbeing,
  • Seamless health and social care,
  • Physical and mental wellbeing,
  • Technology and digital services,
  • User and patient voices,
  • Measuring success,
  • Resources,
  • Delivering the new vision – A Healthier Wales.

The list is not exhaustive, it should not constrain our conversations. The paper sets out just a sample of the many questions I hope to have conversations about over the Summer and Autumn as I visit a range of local health and care facilities in Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney to discuss the new health and care strategy for Wales. I am meeting with providers and users/patients of services. I hope to learn about best practice and consider what happens if things do not work.


I am considering all this in the context of the constituency of Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney.

If you live here, or use services here, please join the conversation.

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