Caru Undebau / Heart Unions

Today is the second day of Heart Unions / Caru Undebau and the chance to tell the story about why unions are vital for everyone at work and encourage people who aren’t yet in a union to join.

As part of a week of campaigning and organising activity throughout the country I am pleased to support the good work that unions do. Unions offer everyone a voice at work and this campaign raises the profile of unions in their communities and online platforms.

Unions and employers in Wales are working in social partnership to deliver fair work. I know from experience that on average, union members enjoy higher pay than non-members. They’re also likely to have better sickness and pension benefits, extra paid holiday and more control over shifts and working hours. This is because workers are better placed to negotiate fair pay and conditions when they’re able to collectively negotiate through their union.

Unions also help keep workers healthy. Union members suffer significantly lower injury rates, because health and safety representatives work hard to identify and deal with dangerous working conditions.

Please join a trade union – there is strength in solidarity.


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