Dawn Bowden AM has welcomed the passing of the Trade Union (Wales) Bill in one of the last pieces of Welsh Assembly business this term.

The Bill will have the effect of disapplying key parts of the UK Government’s Trade Union Act, to devolved public services in Wales.

Dawn Bowden AM said:

“I was pleased to have been able to make a significant contributions to the final stages of debate on this important piece of legislation, speaking in the Senedd against 4 amendments proposed by the Welsh Conservatives, which were clearly designed to wreck the terms of the Bill”

Under the Bill public service employers and trade unions will be able to continue with long standing and mutually beneficial “check off “ arrangements for trade union subscriptions, time consuming and costly reporting requirements and facility time will not be imposed, and the unjustified industrial action ballot thresholds will not apply. Additionally the use of temporary and agency workers to strike break will remain outlawed in devolved public services in Wales.

Dawn Bowden added,

“I am delighted that members of the Welsh Assembly overwhelmingly supported this Bill which recognises the success of the social partnership approach in Wales between Welsh Government, public service employers and trade unions which provides a positive industrial relations climate, and this Bill will help sustain that.”