Joint newsletter with Gerald Jones MP

You can read my latest joint newsletter with Gerald Jones MP by clicking the link here.

Coronavirus Joint Newsletter 15th May

First Minister Mark Drakeford MS has set out a roadmap on the way forwards in Wales, the test and trace strategy is launched and we have an outline of plans for a phased return of education. You can catch up with this, and more, in the newsletter and the links it provides.

(Dawn, Mark and Gerald together at a pre-lockdown event in Merthyr)

Roadmap on the way forwards

The Welsh Government has published two important documents today.

In “Unlocking our society and economy: Wales’ roadmap” the Welsh Government has set out a traffic light roadmap setting out how Wales could exit the lockdown. It is a framework of the issues which will be considered in order to decide when and how we can move forwards in the work to defeat the virus.

You can read the document in full here:  40664_unlocking our society and economy_en


The Welsh Education Minister has also published the framework for thinking on return to schools.

You can read that here: Final version The Decision framework for the next phase of education and childcare_ considerations, planning and challenges FINAL MERGED ENGLISH 15.05.20


Frameworks for more detailed work

Both the overall strategy for Wales, and the document on schools, make clear the range of detailed considerations and discussions that are required across our communities in order to maintain our fight against the virus. As I have said before this is not an “on or off” switch.

We need to have the conversation about the next steps we can take, see if it works, and be ready to slow down or reverse if the virus starts to spread in a risky manner. It is likely that a successful vaccine remains the key and that could be some time away.

The Welsh Government is clear that it will not set arbitrary dates for specific decisions but that the timeline should be decided by the progress made in tackling the virus.


Consultation and Conversations

As the detailed conversations start the Welsh Government will next consult on guidance across a range of different activities:

  • The workplace
  • Public transport
  • Schools, childcare, further education and other public services
  • Higher education
  • Culture and tourism
  • Sport, recreation and leisure
  • Housing and construction