27 schools in Merthyr Tydfil are set to benefit from Welsh Government funding for superfast broadband.

The 27 schools are amongst the 341 across Wales that will receive the funding. Currently all schools in Wales have minimum broadband connections of 10Mbps for primary schools and 100Mbps for secondary schools, but some are not able to upgrade the speed of their services to meet ever increasing demand as a result of technical limitations.

This investment will cover the installation of new broadband services. This will provide an immediate increase in speed and in line with provision at other schools ensure that connectivity will continue to grow well into the future.

The Welsh Labour Government are determined to ensure that digital skills are developed and taught through all parts of a pupil’s schooling and not just isolated to specific ICT or computer science classes. The Digital Competence Framework means more than just using computers and aims to equip pupils with the digital skills they need and can apply in the real world in the years to come.

Dawn Bowden AM said;

“Access to superfast broadband will mean that pupils in these Merthyr Tydfil schools will be able to take full advantage of current and future advances in digital technology. Equipping them with the digital skills necessary in the modern world.”

She added:

“I very much welcome this funding and will continue to work with the Welsh Government to make sure that local pupils have the right environment to develop their vital digital skills, to best equip them for the future.”