A reminder to donate blood – Merthyr blood donation clinics

I recently had a very useful meeting with the Welsh Blood Service and it was a timely reminder of the vital role we can all play by giving blood.

Hands up, it is an easy task to overlook in the whirl of busy working lives, and often one of those things “I’ll do next time”. And before we know it we have dropped out of the habit.

  • As a service, they need to collect 450 donations of blood everyday to supply the 19 Welsh hospitals in Wales.
  • Only 3% of the population give blood.
  • Bone marrow is also a huge part of the service that not a lot of people are aware of – I would encourage everyone to watch Kelly’s poem that’s on their website so you can see how life changing receiving bone marrow is.

We can help by attending blood donation clinics in Merthyr. If you have recently missed donating there is a chance next week: See the details on the poster here.


There is an appointment link for anyone to book their appointment and make things easier. The link is extremely important to the service as it enables them to monitor how well the clinic is doing.

Here’s the appointment link – http://bit.ly/2Uq1PHK


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