A chance to offer ideas on transport plans for Cardiff and the valleys region

Why is our mindset focussed on the problems of travelling “in to” the city and not thinking about how the speed of new connections can put jobs in places like Merthyr in easier reach for the citizens of Cardiff? That must form part of a 10 year vision. 

Cardiff’s 10 year vision

This week the City and County of Cardiff Council has published a wide ranging set of proposals for managing traffic and the associated environmental impacts around the capital city. You can read more about the proposals here.

The Council has published a White Paper and is seeking views on a 10 year vision – A Transport Vision for 2030 saying:

Cardiff Council’s Transport White Paper lays out an ambitious 10-year plan to tackle the climate emergency, reduce congestion and improve air quality in the Welsh capital.  It has been developed following consultation with thousands of city residents, health and transport experts.  

Options are being considered for the delivery of the £2bn transport vision, which is designed to transform Cardiff and South East Wales’ transport network through a series of projects which could revolutionise active travel and public transport options in Cardiff and the region”.


Public and political debate has started and I know that many constituents frequently travel to Cardiff for business, leisure, medical and family purposes.

The consultation gives rise to some important debates about air quality in the capital city​​, how traffic can be better managed, the public transport improvements required to ease traffic pressures in the city and how they might be financed etc.

Please do not rush to judgement – the White Paper gives rise to some really important debates that need and deserve careful consideration.

Support the debate – don’t rush to judgement

I think Cardiff Council should be supported in leading a conversation about these important issues. The White Paper contains some compelling evidence and practical advice about changes that could improve the situation. Indeed from the debate around this White Paper we might find ideas and solutions to a wide range of real problems that face our society.

Infrastructure needed to drive change

 For my part I believe that across the city region – Cardiff and the surrounding valleys – the Councils, Welsh Government and partners – must continue to improve reliable public transport connections at pace, especially delivering the Metro network in order to provide viable options to the car. With viable transport options in place then we have little excuse not to make the modal shift (type of transport we use) for journeys in to Cardiff, or to contribute to the cost of offsetting our impact. This it true for both Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney where the much needed Metro improvements need to be in place to support the changes required in the capital city. There are also journeys e.g. to hospitals and for treatments that need to be considered.

(investing in new travel infrastructure like Merthyr bus station).

Some other debating points

 However at a more fundamental level is there the seed of an idea here on a model for other infrastructure needs across the region?

Could a modest regional wide infrastructure levy not help to uplift the economy of our whole region? It is not that long ago that a UK Labour Government was pursuing a modest infrastructure levy to ensure new development contributed to better transport etc.

And if our communities receive less funding in future after we depart the EU do we need to explore other funding options to deliver what our communities need?

Finally what more can we do to deliver jobs and homes in our valleys communities so that Cardiff does not face the same pressures?

Why is our mindset about travelling “in to” the city and not thinking about how the speed of new connections will put jobs in places like Merthyr in easier reach?

More people can commute to our towns and then we get more money spent in our  shops, cafes, restaurants etc

So I would be happy to hear the views of my constituents in Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney about the consultation proposals. (Please title your emails to me as Cardiff Traffic).

You can also make comments direct to Cardiff council via their consultation.


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