Dawn Bowden AM says “Choose respect”

Dawn Bowden AM is supporting anti bullying week, 12-16 of November.  This year the organisers are encouraging everyone to ‘Choose Respect.” Encouraging people treat each other with respect.

As the Assembly Member for Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney Dawn is asking residents to be particularly mindful of how they speak to each other online. Dawn said “we all need to be conscious of what we say and do online. It is far too easy to get drawn in to online arguments that can show a lack of respect, and can also be misused for bullying”.

Bullying can have an impact on people of all ages in school, in the workplace and online. This week we also celebrate World Kindness day.  Treating people with kindness and respect can make huge difference to how people feel.

Dawn Bowden said “The consequences for the victims of bullying are demoralising, relentless and can be life changing.”

“Anti-bullying week helps to highlight the different organisations out there for people to get support from. If you are being bullied – please speak with someone you can trust”

“If you witness bullying please speak out”

“Let’s take a stand against bullying ‘Choose respect’ and say ‘NO’ to bullies.”



You can find out more about anti bullying week here


Good news on My Travel Pass

Dawn Bowden AM for Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney said “I am pleased to welcome Monday’s announcement by Cabinet Secretary Ken Skates about My Travel Pass”.

My Travel Pass to double eligibility 

Thanks to negotiations between Welsh Government and the bus industry, the MyTravelPass discounted bus travel scheme for younger people will be extended to include everyone aged 16 to 21 resident in Wales.

Previously open to 16 to 18 year-olds, Transport Secretary Ken Skates made the announcement today (12 Nov) that the scheme is not only secured until March 2020, but will be available to many more people.

The one-third discounted offer began in 2015 when Welsh Government launched a pilot discounted bus travel scheme to provide all 16, 17 and 18 year-olds with discounted bus fares for any journey within Wales. The extension should take effect from early December 2018.

Existing MyTravelPass holders who have a 16 to 18 years pass, and who wish to take-up this exciting offer, need not do anything now, but should reapply shortly before their existing pass expiries.

Transport Secretary Ken Skates said:

“I’m pleased to announce that following the consultation exercise I undertook last year and talks with the bus industry we have been able to increase the upper age for discounted bus travel from 18 to 21 years.

“I would like to thank the bus industry for agreeing to this improvement. We appreciate their co-operation, as although the Welsh Government pays, their participation is voluntary.

“We will continue negotiations with our bus industry partners during 2019 to identify any further enhancements, potentially involving some of the key issues raised during the consultation we might jointly achieve.

“Today’s enhancement of the MyTravelPass scheme will not only help young people in training or apprenticeships, and during the transition into work, but will hopefully also encourage more to use the bus for more of their journeys. This way, they will be helping to tackle congestion and air quality in our towns and cities.”

To keep in touch with the date from which applications may be made, visit www.mytravelpass.gov.wales or call 0300 200 22 33






Statement of Opinion – World COPD Day : 21st November

I have been pleased to work with the British Lung Foundation to table a Statement of Opinion in the lead up to World COPD Day on 21st November.

This Assembly;

1.Notes that November 21 2018 is World COPD Day.
2. Notes that 8% of the population are living with a lung condition; 70,000 with COPD.
3. Notes that exercise and self-management is the most effective way to improve someone’s quality of life.
4. Notes the British Lung Foundation’s work in promoting and providing services, such as Singing for Lung Health, to give patients access to a range of self-management tools.
5. Welsh Government should ensure LHBs, local authorities and other partners invest in local exercise provision for respiratory patients, including in alternative options such as singing.

Other AMs can now sign up to show their support for this work.


What is COPD? Well it is a lung condition and you can read more here on the website of the British Lung Foundation. I discussed COPD during some of my recent constituency visits, both in the National Exercise Referral Service in Merthyr (see below) and with physios at Prince Charles hospital. Thanks to Rhys Taylor at BLF for his support.